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Technology keen

We simply love tech. By using the latest solutions, we provide our users with flawless customer experiences throughout all our platforms.



Without regular updates, our services’ quality would stay behind. As we simply love fresh ideas and get excited about new ways to entertain you, our content is updated daily to make sure there is something for everyone.


Multi-device content

Our content is available on all devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablet. Which one is your favorite?

Innovative approach

In our work, we try to only use the most modern, convenient, and interesting solutions. We want the content you clicked on and/or downloaded to be absolutely perfect and relevant.

Who we are

Our core business

We are first and foremost digital content enthusiasts. Because of this, we not only make entertaining content, but also use it ourselves.

A qualified team

Our team members are situated from all over the world. Therefore, we understand each geo and know the needs of our customers. Besides that, we are not only skilled, but also masters of our fields.

An expert in the field

By creating, testing, and using the digital content ourselves, we believe we can give you the perfect customer experience. Our team consists of masters in their own fields, think about fitness, lifestyle, content, marketing, design, and more.

A source of premium content

The company has a wide range of premium digital content with a specialization around lifestyle, sports, and entertainment. On a daily basis, our experts and trainers look for new information and upload videos on our platforms.

What people say

What we offer


Ongoing support

We are here for you. Whether you want information, support, or you have a problem – please contact us! We will help you find a suitable solution.


Relevant information

Our platforms consist of the latest information of the health & lifestyle industry. The best smoothie recipes? We got it. HIIT routines to tone down? Or what about workout videos to show you how to do certain exercises? Our platforms won’t disappoint.


A multi-language service

We are American. Yet, this does not mean that we only speak English. Mais non, we also have platforms en Français, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian.

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